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Justice for Epona Rose!
Drop the Charges! Trans Liberation, No Negotiation!
Wednesday, December 20th (day before the Winter Solstice).
RALLY: 10:30am
COURT: 11:00am
At Coconino County Superior Court
200 N. San Francisco St.
Downtown Flagstaff, AZ

Please help fill the courthouse & show solidarity with Epona.
If you plan on entering the court building, bring ID (no weapons etc).

Epona’s fight for her own freedom is not over. The courts keep pushing her court date. Her next court date is December 20th at 11:00 am. The courts have moved the date three times during these last couple months. She needs solidarity through this. This is not just Epona’s fight. If prosecution succeeds , what does that say for other marginalized Trans/two spirit lives ? We need to ask Why we cant defend ourselves from rape and murder .

Support Trans Self & Collective Defense.

ACTION ALERT: Free Epona Rally & March Aug. 28 – Flagstaff, AZ

Epona is scheduled for an arraignment on August 28th at the Coconino County Superior Court (200 N. San Francisco St, downtown Flagstaff, AZ).
A rally will be held right before the proceeding starting at 12:20pm.

Please help fill the courthouse and show solidarity with Epona. If you plan on entering the court building bring ID (no weapons etc).

We will continue to hold space outside the court and plan to march after the proceeding.
Bring banners and signs.

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