Epona Rose is a woman of trans experience who was attacked on the street in Flagstaff by a group of three men while two more men watched.

Epona Rose
Epona Rose

The men were drunk and sexually harassing her in a way that was making her feel unsafe. The harassment escalated to threats of rape, and then to actual physical violence, when they realized she was transgender. Epona defended herself bravely against this attack and did not call the police. She was then punished for this when the cops arrived and arrested only her.

Epona is currently being held on the men’s side of Coconino County Detention Facility in segregation with one hour a day out of her cell, where she has struggled to gain access to her prescribed medications. Her current bond is set at $500,750 but we are fiercely working to overturn such an excessive bond amount and fear mongering charges. The longer Epona is in jail, the much more risk she is exposed to as a trans woman and abolitionist. We cannot let Epona be made an example out of for demanding the basic rights of genderqueer, third gender, Two Spirit, and/or trans people to exist.

For her commissary, phone, and potential bond, please send donations to her family’s accounts specifying thr donations are for Epona. You can also use the 🌹 emoji to specify donations are for Epona:

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Epona’s quotes:

“In the year of a state of emergency, I’m still alive.”

“I defended myself against three men. They classified me as a male in here. I don’t feel safe around other men.”

quote from Epona’s partner:

“Epona was feeling unsafe even before she was physically attacked…She knew she was vulnerable traveling alone as a houseless, traumatized, neurodiverse trans woman, and yet her mission of building resource networks for other trans humans was so important to her that she decided to take that risk, even when her traveling partners flaked off one by one. That was her sacrifice. And she needs our support now.