Mutual Aid Ask for Epona Rose

Epona Rose, After months of a campaign for her own liberation, has finally been granted transfer from Arizona. She was attacked and bravely defended herself from a group of men. The Flagstaff authorities pinned her with a original bail of a impossible, $500,000. A nonprofit for Indigenous and marginalized communities posted bail this past September. Epona has continued to fight for the charges to be dropped, as survival should Never be a crime. During the months of her fight, Epona has been doxed, stalked and risked general safety. Seeing as the risk was greater fighting the charges, she took legal advice to accept a deal. Epona may have to pay the potential $150,000, and has accepted a deal for transfer to another state where she can finally stand on her own two feet. She has poured her all into her own freedom and the awareness of the violence inflicted on queer, two spirit, and transgender existence. Any money raised goes to her immediate relocation and basic needs. She’s almost to refuge let’s help our sister out in the spirit of mutual aid.

Epona Rose
Epona Rose

Epona needs $400 to get to the next waypoint where she will be able to get new id – which was stolen from her in Flagstaff. The money will pay for the gas to drive her nearly 600 miles and for the driver to return home.

Please send aid to: barefoottravelers on Venmo cash app or PayPal !

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